Homemade garlic & herb cheese spread

Real talk. I haven’t updated this blog in almost a year. I’m sorry. I know I never even really got this blog off the ground. I’ve been distracted, but I’ll try to make it a more regular thing.

So, the reason I am posting is because I had a really personally important food breakthrough today. Do you know what Alouette Cheese is? Another similar brand is Rondele. This stuff is addictive, delicious spreadable cheese found in the fancy cheese aisle at the supermarket and it costs an arm and a leg for a tiny tub of it ($7, unless its on sale) and I literally have fought with multiple supermarket employees to try to get them to honor sale prices I saw advertised for this cheese. It’s like crack to me, particularly the garlic & herb flavored kind.



This is the best garlic & herb spreadable cheese of all time. Note the adorable little mason jar I used to store the leftovers, which I will be packing for lunch all week.


There are a few nearly identical recipes I viewed, such as this one and this one. Other bloggers are calling it a DIY “Boursin” cheese, which is another trademarked soft cheese that I don’t like as much as I like Alouette or Rondele.  I honestly don’t even remember what the Boursin brand garlic & herb cheese tastes like. Or maybe it is amazing, but it’s just that it’s even more expensive than Alouette so I never have even bought it.

Anyways, when I made the recipe, I tweaked it a little bit. One of the above linked recipes calles for 8 oz butter while the other calls for 2 oz. I settled for a happy medium at 4 oz of salted butter (the other recipes call for unsalted, as if that would make this “healthy.”) I also did not use “the real stuff” when it came to adding my parmesan cheese. I used regular old store brand powdered parm.

Sorry I don’t use measuring spoons. This is the spice combo I used, and it was amazing: One small clove pressed fresh garlic, several hearty twists of fresh ground black pepper, large dashes of dried basil, dried chives, dried oregano and dried parsley, a sprig of fresh dill, and a tiny dash of dried mint.

I ate this cheese on fresh slices of Trader Joe’s mini baguette and I wanted to die of happiness. My life is now complete and I may get fat soon.